Kingsbury to Keller Trail

Project Status: Construction started in June of 2020. The expected completion date is 2022-2023.

Rock work with bike on K2K

The Kingsbury to Keller (K to K) trail is getting a serious upgrade! The Tahoe Rim Trail Association is leading the charge to reroute and improve the existing connection between Keller Road and Kingsbury Grade, and TAMBA is helping out. The TRTA rerouted the upper section of the trail near Keller Road when they built Van Sickle Bi-State Park trail system, and now it’s time to reroute the lower section.

The Lower Kingsbury to Keller Trail is an unofficial trail that links Van Sickle Bi-State Park to Lower Kingsbury residential neighborhoods, traveling through Nevada State Parks land, U.S. Forest Service land, and private property. The existing connection is not maintained and does not meet recognized trail standards, with pitches exceeding 18% for extended distances. Steep grades increase the chance for erosion and sediment production and reduce water quality in nearby streams. The upgraded trail design will mitigate erosion, reduce the impact at stream crossings, and enhance trail-user safety. The construction will take place in phases, and new sections of the trail will be open when they are completed, as appropriate. This trail will take approximately two to three years to complete.

This summer, we’re working on the south side of the trail in Nevada State Parks, creating an alternate route from the K to K – Van Sickle Trail junction to the Lower Van Sickle Trail where it intersects the administrative road. This route is designed to disperse trail users and limit conflict on the popular Van Sickle Trail and opened on September 1st. For more information about this connection, check out our blog post.

Due to COVID, only crew leaders can volunteer on this project. We’ll need your help next summer!

Proposed K to K alignment map