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Lost Lake Trail

Project Status: in progress.

Lost Lake is a hidden gem on Tahoe’s West Shore.  Located at the edge of Desolation Wilderness, Lost Lake is a great destination for the backcountry adventure rider. Granite fields, alpine lakes, mixed terrain, steep climbs, and technical challenges end in a high alpine lake.
Lost Lake “trail” is actually a legacy logging road.  Built to skid logs out for logging operations, much of the old road alignment runs through the bottom of a drainage and avoids the massive granite and big views that make the area special.  The old logging road has been closed to motor vehicles for decades.
TAMBA has taken the lead in re-routing and improving Lost Lake Trail.  Highly eroded sections of logging road will be rerouted into purpose-built singletrack across granite fields.  The steep, rutted out logging road will be replaced with big views and some of the biggest granite slab riding in Tahoe!
TAMBA received a grant from the National Forest Foundation and a matching grant from Tahoe Fund for a trail crew to work on some of the most eroded and difficult-to-reach parts of Lost Lake Trail in summer 2021.
TAMBA will preserve the backcountry character and technical challenges of Lost Lake Trail.  Lost Lake Trail will actually become longer and more difficult to access as TAMBA volunteers and trail crews build purpose-built singletrack across large granite fields.  Less eroded logging road, more granite slab riding.

Project Scope

TAMBA volunteers and grant-funded trail crews will be re-routing the worst parts of the old logging road and replacing them with purpose-built singletrack.  Parts of the old logging road will be decommissioned for environmental restoration.  The road alignment (through the bottom of a drainage) is highly eroded and contributes sediment into Lake Tahoe’s tributaries.
TAMBA volunteers and trail crews will also be removing downed trees and brush and improving drainage controls along Lost Lake Trail.
Overgrown sections of Upper General Creek Trail will be cleared.  TAMBA will be fixing erosion damage and doing some tread armoring along the Upper General Creek Trail.
General Creek and Lost Lake will remain advanced-level trails for the backcountry adventure seeker.

Getting There

There are two ways to get to Lost Lake:  
1.  Lost Lake Loop Option
Lost Lake Trail can be accessed via the Rubicon Jeep Trail from Tahoma.  Head west on the Rubicon Trail past McKinney Lake, Miller Lake, and Lily Lake.  Go south on Forest Road 14N39 (Richardson Lake and Sourdough Hill OHV road).  Turn onto the beginning of Lost Lake Trail approximately 1/4 mile from the intersection of Rubicon Trail and 14N39 (approximately 200 yards past the old cabin).  Continue on Lost Lake Trail to the end (approximately 3.3 miles). Return via Lost Lake Trail and General Creek Trail back to Tahoma.  Roughly 15 mile loop.
2.  Lost Lake/General Creek out and back
Lost Lake is approximately 8 miles from Sugar Pine Point State Park.  From Hwy 89 at the park entrance head west to General Creek Trail.  Go south (left) at the intersection of General Creek and Lost Lake Trail.  Continue 1.8 miles to Lost Lake.
Backcountry Preparedness
Lost Lake is an advanced trail.  Be prepared with tools, maps, tubes, extra food, and bike repair skills.  Expect hike-a-bike sections and advanced rock riding.
Lost Lake Trail Map