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Road 73 Bypass

Project Status: In progress Phase 1 is 95% Complete

Our amazing volunteers have spent over 48 days with 1,136 hours helping build this trail. Our pro crew also put in over 1200 square feet of armored tread this summer. Thanks to everyone who has come out to help us get this far! More volunteer opportunities are coming up!

Project Overview:

  • Distance: 1.8 miles, Elevation: 463ft
  • Location: North Shore, Tahoe City.
  • Key Connections: Singletrack bypass of Road 73 from TRT Painted Rock to Bear Claw Connector
  • Crew Leaders: John Clausen


Boring name, great trail!
The Road 73 Bypass project has been a long awaited reconstruction of a trail that used to run down a nearby drainage and through the meadow. This project re-aligns the old trail to the west side of Road 73 (fiberboard freeway) to provide a singletrack alternative to the road for users going between Stumpy SG/Antone Meadows area and the top of Whoop-dee-doo and the TRT.
This project will create a sustainable section of trail, with numerous ride/hike/run loop opportunities in the Tahoe City Area. TAMBA has completed 1.5 miles of this technical trail.
Less Pavement, More Trail!

Phase 1 has a lot of technical rock features with armored tread. If you are looking for a new favorite rock garden this trail might be your answer with a lot of incredible rock features to pick from. The lower phase is an ideal candite for honing your technical skills. It was built with both easy and advanced lines for descending, and a moderately difficult climb that that will keep technical riders engaged and help hone skills for newer riders.

Project location Phase 1 is 85% Complete

TAMBA Trail Crew pose on one of their incredible rock features.


Join us next season for Phase 2 to Connect to the TRT!

FS&3 Bypass Community Dig Day


Thanks to our supporters and sponsors!