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Caldor Fire repairs

Project Status: In progress

While extensive work was completed in the fall of 2022, allowing the reopening of the Caldor Burn area to the public, many repairs will be needed an ongoing through 2022 and 2023. Always use caution when recreating in the burn area and please stay on designated trails and roads to allow vegetation to re-grow and stabilize the hillsides.

Planned 2022 Work

  • Clear fallen hazard trees (completed June 2022)
  • Fix burned stump holes
  • Replace burned bridges (Completed July 2022)
  • Fix damaged retaining structures
  • Rebuild Johnson Pass Trail
  • Work on Warr and Cowboy Hat Trail
  • Work on Xmas Valley neighborhood connectors
  • Repair dozer damage (Completed June 2022)

Safety notice: Please be aware that even when trail work has been completed and the trails are open in the burn area, increased hazards will continue to exist including: stump holes, fire weakend trees, ash and other dangers. Always use caution when going in a burn area and it’s highly recommended to avoid on windy days.
Hazard tree mitigation will be ongoing through 2023, so please be aware of forestry operations in progress. 

Corral Trail repairs

Armstrong Connector repairs

The new Corral Trail Bridge