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Bike handlbars on new segment of K2K TrailTRTA and TAMBA volunteers finished a new section of trail in Van Sickle Bi-State Park (VSSP). This trail is almost a half-mile and is an alternate route for those traveling down Van Sickle Trail towards the parking area. This trail is the north end of the Cal-Neva Loop and the beginning of the south end of the K to K Trail. The trail bypasses a steep, sandy, eroded section of the unofficial K to K Trail.

This new singletrack is designed to disperse trail users to help mitigate conflict on one of the most congested sections of the popular Van Sickle Trail. The multi-use trail has a sustainable design which decreases the chance for erosion and sediment production and will help improve water quality in nearby streams.

Mountain bikers descending to the VSSP parking area can avoid the majority of uphill hikers by taking this new connector trail to the Lower Van Sickle Trail/Cal-Neva junction and then taking the Barn Trail to the parking lot.

Volunteers will continue to work in Nevada State Parks with the hope of opening up more trail by October. The Tahoe Rim Trail is leading this project with TAMBA assisting. For more about this project, visit our Kingsbury to Keller Project Page.