Board of Directors


Ben Fish

President & Chair of the Board

Ben caught the passion for mountain biking as a young kid in the early ’90s in Connecticut riding old railroad corridors and scratching in a small trail system behind his parents’ house. A few years after college he moved to South Lake Tahoe, bringing an arsenal of bikes in tow and a love for the outdoors.  Now the adventures continue with his wife, Amy, and young son, Max, at his side.  Ben brings a passion for trails and a diverse background from racing downhill, cross-country, some road, and now epic trail rides.  During the day he can usually be found in an office that looks out towards Van Sickle Park working as a registered landscape architect for Design Workshop.

Nils Miller

Vice President / Events Coordinator

After bouncing around the world Nils ended up in Meyers.  A similarly unpredicted outcome was developing experience in new business development and environmental technology after becoming a Physical Chemist.  But Swiss genes predictably generated a lifelong interest in going up mountains to go down mountains on skis or a bike.  Part of the motley crew that regenerated TAMBA a decade ago, Nils is excited about the future of mountain biking in Tahoe.

Jim McHugh


Jim moved to the Tahoe area from New Hampshire in 1994 and has been riding bikes and skiing for as long as he can remember.  Jim and his partner Genevieve ride bikes and ski together in the area and beyond as much as their professional responsibilities will allow.  Jim is the fiscal director for Sierra Community House and joined the TAMBA board as treasurer in January of 2021.

Jenna Langer

Secretary / Marketing Coordinator

Biking to Jenna has always been about friends, family, and freedom, riding bikes on and off-road around the Bay Area since she was a kid. Since moving to Tahoe she has fallen in love with mountain biking and has a new appreciation for type 2 fun (The Lake Trail anyone?). Her best day in Lake Tahoe is getting in a ski, bike, and SUP session between sunrise and sunset. With experience in marketing and technology, Jenna is helping wrangle TAMBA’s digital strategy to show the community how they can be part of building and maintaining some of the best trails in the world.

Chris Smith

Education Coordinator

Chris grew up in South Lake Tahoe and is the owner of South Lake Brewing Company. Chris joined the TAMBA board in January of 2021 as the Education Coordinator.

David Orr

Fundraising Coordinator

In 2014, David purchased his first mountain bike after moving his family to Tahoe from Silicon Valley. A very generous Tahoe local took him out for his first ride on Corral Trail. That ride, although difficult, sparked a lifelong passion. David is always eager to share that passion with others. Currently, he is teaching his eldest daughter to ride and watching her love for the trails grow. When not mountain biking, you can find him at Cowork Tahoe or Untethered, building a community of remote workers, entrepreneurs, and business owners through shared real estate in the Tahoe Basin.

Thea Hardy

Marketing Coordinator

Thea is a passionate outdoorswoman and world traveler. By day, she works in healthcare PR – encouraging the health of the Tahoe community. Her craft wasn’t always clinical – she has extensive experience in recreational and action sports communications, PR, and production. Off the clock, you can find her in the saddle, hitting the singletrack from her home in Meyers, or water skiing on Fallen Leaf Lake. She’s either doing that or walking in the woods with her family and dog Mick, upside down in a morning yoga sesh, skiing at Sierra, or skinning up a mountain. If none of the above, she’s making art or connecting with like-minded people who care deeply for the environment and outdoor lifestyle.

John Clausen

Board Member

Ever since John’s dad gave him that faithful two-wheeled push in their driveway at age five he’s been hooked on bikes. U.C. David fed that hunger with its cycling community, albeit on skinny tires. Once in Tahoe, however, the lure of unpaved trails and knobby tires took over his drive. Life was not only good on a trail but better with two wheels. With decades of trail use, John came to TAMBA, as well as the Tahoe Rim Trail Association, as a means of giving back to the Tahoe community and its environment. When not coordinating trail efforts on the north side of Lake Tahoe John enjoys catching up with his son, Will (the once-student has now become the master), and balancing two careers – one in sales and marketing for the outdoor world and the other as a professional photographer.


Past Board Members

Aaron Daniel, Aaron James, Amy Fish, Brian Kelly, Christine Dobrowolski, Joe Marzocco, John Drum, Judy Weber, Karin Edwards, Katharine Miller, Kevin Crifasi, Kevin Joell, Lauren Lindley, Linda George, Pete Fink, Scott Brown

TAMBA Employees

Patrick Parsel, Trails Director

Joan Wharton, Administrative Assistant

TAMBA Crew Leaders

Scott Brown (Trails Director), Nils Miller, Kevin Joell, Aaron “Elko” James, Ben Fish, Amy Fish, Ben McGinnis, Brian Kelly, Casey Coffman, Curtis Johnson, Dale Beesmer, David Joseph, Erik Johnson, Jake Dore, Jim Crompton, John Clausen, Jordan Westerman, Kris Morehead, Kurt Gensheimer, Paul Tindal, Randy Collins, Sue Hughes, Bob Ward, Christine Dobrowolski, and Tom Driggers

Contributing Members

Dave Clock (Photography)
Bob Ward (Photography)
Anthony Cupaiuolo (Film and Photography): First Track Productions