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Tunnel Creek bypass

Project Status: Currently building

Raise your hand if you’ve ridden the Flume Trail and been bummed by a three-mile sandy logging road descent at the end. TAMBA has partnered with the Tahoe Fund and Lake Tahoe Nevada State Parks to build a multi-purpose singletrack alternative to Tunnel Creek Road. More trail, less logging road!

This is a multi-year project and TAMBA has started construction. TAMBA has secured funding for Phase 1 through our partners. TAMBA has begun to build the new trail and layout Phase 2 in partnership with GBI (Great Basin Institute) and plans to continue trail days in 2024.

  • A short section of the new trail has been opened and is ridable.
  • The new singletrack trail will connect the Incline Flume at Tunnel Creek Road down to the bottom of Tunnel Creek Road and eventually tie into the new paved Bike Path where users can avoid the Tunnel Creek Road completely. 
  • Reduce user conflicts on Tunnel Creek Road. 
  • Improve user experience for ending Incline and Marlette Flume Trails.


Before: Drilling the rock to open trail tread.                                              After: The rock split beautifully.

Volunteers working on the trail Fall 2023.