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Kaspian Rim

Project Status: In progress 90% Complette

65 volunteers spent over 375 hours on the Kaspian Rim connectors this summer, completing the lower connectors and over half of the private property bypass. Construction will continue in 2024.

Project Overview:

  • Distance: ~1.56 miles. Elevation: 564ft
  • Location: West Shore, Stanford Rock trail network
  • Key Connections: Uphill Access for Stanford Rock trail.
  • Crew Leaders: Sandor Lengyel, Jeff Coulter

About this Project:

The Kaspian Rim Trail on Lake Tahoe’s West shore is a continuation of TAMBA’s re-route of Stanford Rock Trail. An old maze of logging roads covers this area, however they weren’t built with recreation or sustainability in mind. The Kaspian Rim Trail reenvisions these  old road alignments in to a multi-use singletrack trail along the rim of Blackwood Canyon with a stunning south facing panoramic views of Blackwood Canyon and the lake.

This 1.3 mile long trail connects Stanford Rock Trail (at the upper meadows) to Kaspian Rocks. Kaspian Rocks is a stunning volcanic cliff viewpoint overlooking Eagle Rock.

This project will create additional loops and ride/hike/run opportunities in the Stanford Rock area. It will also close a connection gap on the West Shore with a connection south to Blackwood Canyon.
When complete, this project will restore 2-2.5 miles of trail in the Stanford Rock Area along with a connection south to Blackwood Canyon.

Project Update: October 4, 2023

TAMBA volunteers started trail work for the 2023 season on Kaspian Rim in late August. With a great turnout, around 400′ of finished trail was completed and considerable progress made to re-route the fall line section of logging road. The goal here is to convert the steep logging road into more flowy singletrack and make the entire Kaspian Rim Trail loop much more rideable and accessible.

Trail work on the Kaspian connectors continued throughout September. The first 0.5 mile of the re-route was completed later that month thanks to all the great work from dedicated volunteers. The team has now moved on to the lowest re-route section that will tie everything together to create epic loops. Duff removal is currently in progress and volunteer trail work days will continue throughout October.

Project Update: August 4, 2022

TAMBA volunteers reached a construction milestone. We have worked on approximately 1 mile of trail. The end is in sight! We have approximately 1,800 feet until the connection to Kaspian Rocks. With strong volunteer turnouts over the next few weeks, we can finish in time for the fall riding season!

Project Update: July 17, 2022

TAMBA hosted a successful Big Trail Day on Kaspian Rim. We had 19 hardworking volunteers worked on nearly 1,000 feet of trail, followed by beer, drinks, and BBQ at Kilner Park.

Volunteers at work on the Kaspian Rim

Project Update: June 26, 2022

TAMBA was honored to host the inaugural California Mountain Bike Coalition Trail Daze Event. We had nearly 30 volunteers from mountain bike advocacy organizations from all over California. We had bike advocates from as far away as Los Angeles come to Tahoe for this showcase event.