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Lower Kingsbury Stinger Reroute

Project Status: Open! We broke ground in May 2023!

Volunteer trail days were a huge success! We had over 20 volunteer days with 200 volunteers completing 850 hours. Signage and Trailhead improvements will be added to complete this project in the coming years.

Project Overview

  • Location:¬†South Lake, Kingsbury Grade
  • Distance: 1.5 Miles, ~600 ft. elevation
  • Access Type: OHV Trail, ATVs <50″
  • Key Connections Built: Moves the bottom of the Kingsbury Stinger Trail closer to Lake Tahoe and Round Hill, and out of the neighborhood
  • Project Donors: Nevada State Parks
  • Crew Leaders: Shoreline of Tahoe, Adam Anderson, Dina Anderson, Nils Miller, Ken Raspen.

This project realigns the bottom 1.5 miles of the Kingsbury Stinger OHV Trail. Instead of finishing in a neighborhood with poor OHV staging opportunities, it has been moved towards Round Hill so it ends on Sewer Plant Road with a formal parking area. The new trail maintains the fast and flowy nature of Upper Kingsbury Stinger, and avoids having to climb back uphill before the trail ends. Trailhead improvements with the completion of the Basin Wide Trails Analysis are on the horizon.

This realignment also takes the trail away from three creek crossings and allows for 300′ more elevation loss.

TAMBA Core Supporters scouting the new Kingsbury Stinger trail alignment.


Looking at an impressive rock wall built by the TAMBA Pro Crew