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Every month, we’ll be highlighting a TAMBA Trail Legend – a volunteer, donor, or community partner who’s gone above and beyond to support TAMBA’s work. None of the awesome things we achieve would be possible without the Trail Legends who work with us.

This month, we’re celebrating TAMBA super volunteer Cole Miller.

Cole began volunteering with TAMBA in 2018 and has shown immense dedication and commitment to supporting our work ever since. To date, he’s clocked up over 750 volunteer hours across 136 days, putting him right up there with most volunteer hours accrued over the past couple of years.

He has contributed to building and maintaining nearly all of TAMBA’s major projects in 2023, including the Lower Kingsbury Stinger Reroute, Tahoe Mountain, Road 73 Bypass, and Bijou Bike Park. And it’s not only TAMBA’s trail work that Cole dedicates his time and energy to. He consistently joins us to support our major community events, this year dedicating full days to volunteering at the Tahoe Mountain Bike Festival, Rose to Toads, and Corral Night Ride.

Cole is a true TAMBA Trail Legend not only for the quantity of hours he dedicates to supporting TAMBA but also the quality of his work. He brings enthusiasm and positivity to every trail day and event and quietly gets on with whatever needs to be done. TAMBA’s Executive Director, Drew Bray, has worked with Cole throughout the 2023 season and knows first-hand what a difference his efforts make: “I’ve received so many comments from TAMBA staff and volunteers about what a joy Cole is to work with, and can attest to that personally too. His commitment to the Tahoe community and its trails is commendable and TAMBA is incredibly fortunate to have Cole working with us. He can also rock a TAMBA jersey like no one else!”

A huge thanks to Cole for another fantastic year of trail building and community support!