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Every month, we’ll be highlighting a TAMBA Trail Legend – a volunteer, donor, or community partner who’s gone above and beyond to support TAMBA’s work. None of the awesome things we achieve would be possible without the Trail Legends who work with us.

This month, we’re celebrating the Fish Family.

The Fish Family has played an instrumental role in making TAMBA the trail-building powerhouse it is today. Ben, Amy, and Max can be found at almost every Tune-Up Tuesday at Bijou Bike Park. Amy and Ben served on the Board of Directors, providing valuable input and direction on TAMBA’s trail-building and organizational strategies. They are still currently on the Advisory Board Committee and can be seen contributing or attending all of TAMBA’s events. We wouldn’t have the Corral Night Ride without the vision of Amy Fish. Once a birthday celebration has now turned into a fun, spooky community ride.

Max Fish has been the youngest rider to complete the infamous Rose to Toad’s Ride in 2023!

Perhaps the Fish Family’s greatest contribution to TAMBA over the years has been their unfailing dedication to maintaining the  Bijou Bike Park. They have created an incredible community at the Bijou Bike Park. You can find Max and his friends watering and sweeping the jump lines.  Amy and Ben have given so much to TAMBA over the years that it’s hard to nail down their biggest contribution. 

Check out this incredible Soil Searching video that highlights the Fish’s impact on Trails.

Thank you, Amy, Ben, and Max Fish, for dedicating so much time, passion, and expertise to building and advocating for Tahoe trails! We’re delighted to have you as part of the TAMBA team and look forward to all that we will continue to achieve together.


“I do not have the words to describe the respect that we all have for the foresight, planning, coordination, and leadership that Ben and Amy Fish have brought to the Tahoe trails community.  Their vision of a new TAMBA has been instrumental in many significant achievements for the Tahoe mountain biking community.  Under their leadership accomplishments such as Corral Trail, Bijou Bike Park, Tyrolian Trail, Lily Lake Trail, Monument Pass, Stanford Rock and many other iconic recreation opportunities have been created.  We are beyond thankful for the drive and vision that helped create the TAMBA that we know and love today.  It was not all work though and many tired and happy riders have also had the chance to celebrate a Rose to Toads or Corral Night Ride as one of their Tahoe achievements.  We look forward to continuing the vision Ben, Amy and Max helped create and to supporting the Mountain Bike and outdoor recreation communities at Lake Tahoe.”

Drew Bray,

Executive Director