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Tahoe Mountain Bike Festival

Registration is now open for the 9th Annual Tahoe Mountain Bike Festival – a virtual event. Assemble your crew and log a ride (of your choice – or check out our suggested routes like the epic Tahoe Triple Crown) between June 20–26th. Register now to get limited edition Tahoe Mountain Bike Fest gear and to be eligible for great prizes. All proceeds go to TAMBA – to build new trails in Tahoe.

Trail Project Updates

It’s been an early start to the trail work field season with a low snow year. Our trail crews have been busy performing maintenance, clearing trees, and getting started on some of our larger springtime projects.

Corral Trail
We took advantage of lingering soil moisture in April and performed some much-needed maintenance to the jumps on Lower Corral by tuning up the takeoffs and landings.

Bijou Bike Park
This week we have Cam Zink and his non-profit trail building company RAD Trails refurbishing the Bijou Bike Park. Please respect the closures. The park will reopen for Memorial Day Weekend.

Clearing Trees
Our sawyers have cleared more than three dozen trees from trails in the Tahoe Basin. If you do see any down trees while you’re riding, please email us with location details at A photo of the tree is helpful too!

Armstrong Connector
Our TAMBA Trail Crew is performing maintenance on Armstrong Connector right now. A focus is on erosion control measures, like armoring the tread in heavy breaking zones and building rock retaining walls where the trail is currently supported by rotting logs.

Lily Lake Trail
We have started the final stretch of work on the new Lily Lake Trail! We have just around 800′ of trail to build. There’s lots of rocks and roots to work through. If you’re interesting volunteering, please email Scott Brown at

Responsible Trail Use

Trails are melting out quickly around the Basin this spring, and some spring rain showers have made for good riding conditions. The trails are as busy as ever though, so make sure you are riding responsibly out there and being courteous to all trail users.

Here are some riding tips for the busy trails this spring:

  • Start early! Trails are busiest from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., so avoid the crowds by getting out early or going for a sunset ride. You’ll be more likely to have the trail to yourself and some cooler riding temps.
  • Be nice, say hi. Trails are multi-use in the Tahoe Basin, so make sure you’re being respectful of other users. Don’t be afraid to stop and say hello to others.
  • Don’t shortcut trails. This damages vegetation and adds work for our crews to fix.
  • If you’re parking at a trailhead, try and maximize parking opportunities for other users. It’s always recommended to ride from home if possible.

*** A note on Strava KOM/QOM’s. We know that going after Strava crowns/personal records is a very real thing and can be a fun way to improve your skills and compete with your friends. That being said, it is NOT cool to put other users at risk by going after segments, and if you can’t better your time by staying on the original trail alignment, then just let it go. Cutting turns for the sake of a Strava segment is bad for the trail and a pretty sad way to try and get a crown. ***

Local Business Support for Our Volunteers!

Do you own a local business and want to support TAMBA’s dedicated volunteers? If so, shoot us an email at to join our Volunteer Support Program to provide discounts at your business for TAMBA volunteers.

Thank You to Our Recent Large Donors

While we appreciate every donation we receive, TAMBA would like to thank the following individuals in particular for their recent generous donations:

  • Kyle Neath – $20,000
  • Frank & Cassie Muscat (ReliaPro Painters) – $5,000
  • OutdoorGearLab – $1,140
  • Samuel Britton – $10,000
  • David Andrzejek – $250
  • Przemyslaw (Yeti) Siedzinski – $200
  • Chad Wilson – $250
  • Heavenly Ski Patrol – $1,000
  • Graham & Fran Faulknor – $250
  • Latrobe Fund – $15,000
  • Vail Resorts – $3,000
  • JoAnn & Erik Maliska – $200
  • Stephen Gordon – $250
  • Von Edwards – $250
  • Jack & Eva Wurster – $250
  • Fabian Hanneman – $500
  • Cathy Switzer – $500
  • Alean Daniel – $300
  • Jim Sloves MD – $250
  • Jerald Cook – $250
  • Patrick Myall – $250
  • Michael Craven – $250
  • Mike Wells CPA – $1,020
  • Stepner Donor Account – $500
  • Over the Edge Tahoe – $371
  • Kaplan Family Charitable Fund – $1,000

Thank you for your support!