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Trail Project Updates

Our trail construction season is in full swing and we want to thank all our volunteers for the amazing work they’ve done so far this season. We’re excited to be wrapping up some of our recent large projects this month.

Logouts Continue
Our outstanding sawyers have been continuing to clear trails and over the last month cleared another two dozen fallen trees, including Mr. Toads as seen below.

Stumpy Super G
The brand new Stumpy Super G trail is now open and a blast to ride. Thanks to John Clausen for his dedication to making this trail happen.

Stanford Rock Trail
The multi-year effort on the Stanford Rock Trail is coming to a close. We have just a few more minor re-routes to take care of right at the very top and very bottom of the trail. Stay tuned for volunteer days we’re announcing soon to tackle both of those spots.

Upper Tyrolian Downhill
Cam Zink and Sensus RAD Trails were back out tuning up the new jump line at the top of Tyrolian and adding in a few new smaller features as well. There’s also a new bypass/uphill trail that parallels the jump line for those who want to ride back up for another lap before heading the rest of the way down the trail.

Armstrong Connector
Our TAMBA pro crew has been hard at work for the past month on Armstrong Connector. Most of the work has been focused on replacing log retaining walls with rock retaining walls and correcting some erosion issues, and the crew recently finished the largest project on the first major turn, which used to be a flat sandpit and is now a fun rock armored bermed turn. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of sand out there for you to enjoy!

Lily Lake Trail
Thanks to Scott Brown and his incredible group of volunteers that have invested nearly 4,000 hours of work to make this trail a reality. This trail should be open and ready to go by July! Stay tuned for news of the official opening.

Improved Signage
We heard loud and clear in our trails survey last fall that folks want to see improved trail signage, so we will be continuing our efforts to make this happen. A number of new signs have recently been installed on the North Shore.

General Creek and Lost Lake Trails
We’ve begun working on some upgrades to the General Creek and Lost Lake Trails on the West Shore. We will be re-routing some fall-line sections of eroded old logging roads onto some amazing granite slab features. If you’re interested in volunteering on this project, contact our crew leader, Sandor Lengyel (

Tahoe Mountain Bike Festival Recap

Thanks to everyone who helped make the Tahoe Mountain Bike Festival a success! We had over 100 registrants and captured a ton of epic rides. Throughout the week participants rode over 1,400 miles and climbed more than 200,000 feet, not to mention raising over $7,000 for TAMBA. If you registered, stay tuned for an email with details on how to pick up your gear.

We are exciting to host our next two events in person! Rose to Toads is scheduled for September 6, 2021 – an email wil registration details will be sent to all current members in about a week. Then the Corral Night Ride will be back on October 9th this year!

Thank You to Our Recent Outstanding Volunteers

A special thanks to the following volunteers that have contributed more than 20 hours of trailwork this season!

  • Adam Anderson
  • Bob Christensen
  • Cole Miller
  • David Kearney
  • Dina Anderson
  • Eric Clement
  • Garrett Beard
  • Graham Faulknor
  • Greg Johnson
  • Jeff Coulter
  • Keith Fischer
  • Mike Pook
  • Mike Wells
  • Mitch Korcyl
  • Ray Norr
  • Sandor Lengyel
  • Scott Brown
  • Sue Hughes
  • Tim Holdener

Fire Danger Closures and Responsible Trail Use

The main note as we roll deeper into summer is to remember that the fire danger will be getting worse and that some land closures have already occurred (SPI has closed public access in the Martis and Coldstream Canyon areas) and more are likely down the road from other land managers, especially as fire fighting resources start getting limited. We’ve already had a number of close calls in the basin this year.

As of June 15, the LTBMU has banned campfire and charcoal grills outside of campgrounds and smoking is prohibited. See the full forest order here.

Summer is in full swing here in the Tahoe Basin and the trails are as busy as ever! Avoid the heat and the crowds by getting an early start on your rides. Don’t be afraid to make some new friends by slowing down and saying hi to other trail users! Keep the positive stoke going out there!

Thank You to Our Recent Large Donors

While we appreciate every donation we receive, TAMBA would like to thank the following individuals in particular for their recent generous donations:

  • Bernard Creegan – $1,000
  • Marila Alvares – $250
  • David Orr – $1,000
  • Kyle Michaelis – $250
  • Tom Seeliger – $250
  • John “Gordon” and Lynley Payne – $250
  • Greg Hanson – $250
  • Tom Watkins – $250
  • Kevin Ascher – $500
  • Casey O’Connor – $250
  • Becky Sox – $250
  • Aaron Miller – $250
  • Michael Schmitz – $250
  • Bruce Rogers – $250
  • Mike Wood – $270
  • Joseph Forehand – $250
  • PayPal Giving Fund – $1,029
  • Pedro & Irene Ruiz – $500
  • Pascal Vienne – $250
  • Alec Ferguson – $500
  • Sue & Alan Fryzer – $250
  • Jeff Shute – $250
  • Barry Golombik – $1,000

Thank you for your support!