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Construction Started on Tyrolian Trail!

In partnership with the LTBMU Forest Service, we are connecting the Tyrolian Downhill Trail to the Mount Rose Highway at Tahoe Meadows. TAMBA is building a sustainable mountain-bike-focused connection to the Rim Trail, with an official starting trailhead and improved signage to help reduce traffic on the TRT.

Mountain bike riders scoping Tyrolian trail project

Riders scoping the trail

TAMBA has contracted with Sensus RAD Trails to build about 2 miles of new sustainable singletrack while rehabilitating old logging roads to reduce erosion and improve lake clarity. Some sections of this new trail will incorporate mountain bike specific features including, rollovers, tabletops, step-ups, step-downs, and triple-option jumps (check out the maps below!).

Tyrolian will not be closed to riding during construction.

We’d like to thank our partners: Tahoe Fund for helping fund this project, Cam Zink’s trail building company, Sensus R.A.D. Trails, for constructing the trail, and the U.S. Forest Service Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit for making this project happen.
Check out an article about the project in Adventure Sports Journal.


Map of the new Tyrolian trail
Tyrolian trail map with proposed mountain bike features features