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Every month, we’ll be highlighting a TAMBA Trail Legend – a volunteer, donor, or community partner who’s gone above and beyond to support TAMBA’s work. None of the awesome things we achieve would be possible without the Trail Legends who work with us.

This month, we’re celebrating one of TAMBA’s most experienced trail builders, passionate mountain bikers, and dedicated leaders, Nils Miller.

It’s fair to say that TAMBA wouldn’t be the highly revered trail-building organization it is today without Nils Miller. An integral part of the ‘OG Crew’ who spearheaded TAMBA’s rebirth in 2011, Nils also served as Board Chair from 2020-2023. His unparalleled experience, creativity, and rigor proved vital to TAMBA’s sustainability during these tumultuous years. His leadership helped hold a steady course through Board member transitions, a global pandemic, and the devastating effects of the Caldor fire. Not only did Nils ensure stability during this time, he helped TAMBA thrive. Under his direction, TAMBA’s Board and paid leadership team grew, attracting a diverse range of skill sets to support a growing organization.

As well as being an organizational powerhouse, Nils is one of TAMBA’s most experienced trail builders and Crew Leaders. His many accomplishments include serving as Project Lead on the recent Lower Kingsbury Stinger Reroute and developing advanced alternate lines on the Christmas Valley and Kingsbury Stinger trails. Nils’ dedication to trail stewardship and advocacy has earned him the respect of many local and regional mountain biking organizations, as well as TAMBA’s land manager partners.

Drew Bray, TAMBA’s Executive Director, has enjoyed close collaboration with Nils in recent years: I have been honored to have worked with Nils during TAMBA’s amazing growth from an all-volunteer organization to the growing and vibrant entity that it has become today!  Nils is passionate about mountain biking and is a strong advocate for the sport at every opportunity.  His breadth of institutional knowledge has been incredibly helpful in many areas as TAMBA has grown. I am very thankful for Nils commitment to TAMBA and for the amazing organization he helped build.

Off the trails, Nils has committed countless hours to coordinating TAMBA’s many successful (and fun!) community events. He played a leading role in organizing the very first Meyers Mountain Bike Festival twelve years ago and has been integral to delivering an awesome event every year since – even during a pandemic! Now known as the Tahoe Mountain Bike Festival, Nils’ influence has seen the reach of the event grow year-on-year while still retaining its commitment to celebrating local trails and community partners. 

After stepping down as Board Chair in 2023, Nils was appointed to TAMBA’s Advisory Board, where he continues to play a key role in trail operations and all things Tahoe Mountain Bike Festival. He is truly part of TAMBA’s DNA and we are incredibly grateful for the time, energy, and passion he continues to commit to our work.