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New Monument Trail

By July 23, 2013No Comments

Here’s a quick photo recap of our TAMBA trail building day this past Saturday July 20th on the new Monument Trail.

This is a new trail in the high country above South Lake Tahoe on the back side of Heavenly.  It’ll connect the top of Cold Creek Trail at High Meadow up to Monument Pass on the Tahoe Rim Trail.  Once complete we’ll have an upper loop to Star Lake and even more connections and ride options.

We all have the  US Forest Service to thank for working on this trail since last summer.  The top and bottom are built but the middle section needs a lot of work still.  The trail does not connect through, is totally unrideable and really not fun to hike-a-bike for the middle section.  Hopefully it’ll be finished before snowfall this year.  If you would like to volunteer with the USFS to help build this trail any day Monday through Thursday, please contact Jacob Quinn at (530) 543-2609 or via email jmquinn @

Rock work on a completed portion of the trail:

The views out to Freel Peak and Trimmer towards Star Lake and Toads are full on and even getter better on unbuilt portions of trail above here:


Weaving through boulders and old trees on a finished portion of trail:

There’s still a lot of new trail to build and big rocks to move into place:

The trail alignment is carefully placed between old growth trees in some places:

 Moving boulders is awesome!

Staging area at High Meadow: