Caldor Fire and Tahoe Trails

The community is staying strong, and we will rebuild trails together.


Lily Lake Trail

This trail provides single track connectivity from Meyers and South Lake Tahoe to Fallen Leaf Lake and Desolation Wilderness.


Lost Lake Trail

Lost Lake is a hidden gem on Tahoe’s West Shore, a great destination for the backcountry adventure rider.

PLEASE stay out of the forest. We just had a discouraging call with the Forest Service fire crews as it sounds like there have been a number of bikers getting up into the burn areas trying to check out trail conditions. They've had to pull firefighters off the line to try and help law enforcement find these folks. This is still an active fire and huge safety issues arise from the hazards of an active fire and dangerous conditions from falling trees and hazards.
 Spread the word. We do not need additional delays in restoration of the trails and forest. 
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📸 All burn photos have been courtesy of fire fighting professionals.
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Thousands of heroes are in Tahoe right now. One of them is longtime TAMBA volunteer and Hotshot firefighter Todd. For the last week he has been giving us updates from the front lines, while helping lead fire crews with his local knowledge.
Some people might know him best as winning the costume contest at the 2018 Corral Night Ride, but that’s another story for another day…

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