Lily Lake Trail

The Lily Lake Trail will connect the Angora Lakes parking area to the Glen Alpine trailhead parking area near Lily Lake. The trail will be approximately 2 miles long, climb 800 feet up the backside of Angora Peak, and provide single track connectivity from Meyers and South Lake Tahoe to Fallen Leaf Lake and Desolation Wilderness. This connectivity could reduce vehicular traffic along Fallen Leaf Lake Road for persons wanting to access Glen Alpine and Desolation Wilderness.

The trail itself will have aspects unique to the Tahoe trail repertoire…slickrock, boulder traverses, and an epic view of Fallen Leaf Lake on the edge of a 75 foot cliff. However, the build difficulty is high with many sections through dense vegetation and unforgiving talas. So far in 2018, the lower 2/3 of the route has been flagged out and approved by the US Forest Service. The first half mile of that lower section has been  roughed-in and the corridor for another quarter mile has been cut. The upper 1/3 of the trail will require additional review and approval by the Forest Service.

Roughed-in section of lower Lily Lake Trail (Strava Track)

Approximate route of the Lily Lake Trail