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Every month, we’ll be highlighting a TAMBA Trail Legend – a volunteer, donor, or community partner who’s gone above and beyond to support TAMBA’s work. None of the awesome things we achieve would be possible without the Trail Legends who work with us.

This month, we’re celebrating long-standing TAMBA community partner and trails champion, Tahoe Trail Bar.

Anyone who’s joined us at a TAMBA ride or volunteer trail day in recent years will have been lucky enough to enjoy a Tahoe Trail Bar to fuel their day on the trail. What many don’t know is that every single one of these bars has been donated to TAMBA, making Tahoe Trail Bar one of our most prolific donors and longest-standing community partners. 

We celebrate Tahoe Trail Bar as a TAMBA Trail Legend because of the organization’s proven “purpose beyond profit”: to help raise funds to build and maintain multi-use trails and enhance the outdoor recreation experience in our community. As a member of 1% for the Planet, Tahoe Trail Bar supports multiple non-profit trail organizations around the Tahoe basin and has been a dedicated TAMBA supporter for more than a decade. Not only has the organization donated thousands of trail bars in that time, it has also contributed annual monetary donations to support TAMBA’s trail building efforts. Tahoe Trail Bar truly understands what it takes to build and maintain quality multi-use trails for the community and continues to provide support where it is needed most.

Considering that part of the proceeds from every box of Tahoe Trail Bars purchased will impact new and existing trails – and the fact that their all plant-based ingredients make them truly delicious! – we encourage trail users to support this fantastic community partner.

Check out the Tahoe Trail Bar website to learn more about their mission and products: