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Kirkwood/TAMBA race and volunteers needed!

By July 27, 2011No Comments

This pint glass is for volunteers and the top 3 winners in Super D!

What: Kirkwood Mountain Classic XC & Super D race

Where:Kirkwood Ski Resort

When: Saturday July 30th

The Kirkwood Mountain Classic Cross Country and Super-D is this Saturday.  Online reg is open until Wednesday night.

All proceeds from this race are going to TAMBA! This is our biggest fundraiser yet. Huge thanks to the crew at Kirkwood for their help and support!

Don’t feel like racing?  We need volunteers, too!  I need two course marshals for all day, two registration folks, someone to staff the T-shirt booth, lunch helpers, extra eyes at the finish line and a course sweeper.  As a volunteer, you get a T-shirt, lunch and a very special limited production TAMBA pint glass.  Contact to volunteer and the glass might even come full.