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Another exciting year for TAMBA all around the lake. For the south shore, we have one signature project and several smaller efforts on the docket this year. First we need to get all the trails ready ride…clearing downed trees and repairing erosion. Next we have some small trail building/trail adoption efforts including the Rock Garden Trail along Fallen Leaf Lake, the single track from Cold Creek/Powerline Bridge to Railroad Grade, and adding some exciting rock features to the Stinger Trail. We will also be¬†installing signage and eventually maps to the Corral, Angora Ridge, and Tahoe Mountain trail networks. Finally, TAMBA will start work on a trail connecting the Angora Lakes parking lot to Lily Lake south of Fallen Leaf Lake. This will be an exciting trail and a difficult build, but will become part of the “Lake Trail,” a single track around Lake Tahoe. If you want to be part of any or all of these efforts, please follow this link.