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Corral Bell Built Grant

Over 100 applications were submitted from across the country for the Bell Built Grant and we’ve been selected as one of the twelve finalists.  Once complete the Corral Trail will be a model for how trails with mountain bike specific features can legally be built in our public forests around the country.


What will this grant do?

If we win the Bell Built Grant we would share $100,000 with 2 other projects.  IMBA Trail Solutions (the same guys that built the Truckee Pump Track) would come here to help build over 30 of the proposed features on Corral Trail (hips, tables, berms, new jump lines, log rides and rock rolls).


Why Corral? Shouldn’t we put this money and effort on a new trail or a bike park?

Corral Trail is essentially a test project for the US Forest Service on how to build and permit mountain bike specific features on public Forest Land.  Once all the planned features are built on Corral Trail we can take that example elsewhere, like rebuilding at Kingsbury.  Also, the grant is for projects that have approved plans and are shovel-ready, meaning they can start building this spring.


Isn’t Corral good enough?

Sure. Corral is good. But why are we happy with ‘good enough’? Corral can be amazing and set an example around the county.   Currently there are only 5 doubles built on the lower half of the trail.  The plan is to build over 30 jumps, berms, hips, tables, and rock features.


What can I do to help?

Help us out by spreading the word and creating some buzz. Starting on March 5th vote for Corral on the Bell Facebook page


Where can I see the approved plan for all these proposed features on Corral?

View the approved plan at – Over 50 riders gave input on this plan to the Forest Service over the last two years, now we need to build it.


When will we find out if we were selected for the grant?

Bell and IMBA will announce the three winners at The Sea Otter Classic on April 19th.  Construction would start in May!


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