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New TAMBA Executive Director

We are proud to announce Drew Bray as TAMBA’s new Executive Director. The addition of this role provides the necessary leadership to implement TAMBA’s 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, a multi-year objective that prompts collaboration between trail users, land managers, businesses, philanthropists, and public agencies to improve Lake Tahoe trails and trail access for all.

Member and Volunteer Appreciation Party

Due to COVID, it’s been a couple years since we’ve been able to throw a party to thank all our hardworking volunteers and members for their incredible support. This Friday evening, we’re having a party at the Heavenly Cal Lodge to celebrate all that we have accomplished over the past two years and provide some updates as to what the Caldor Fire rebuilding process will look like next year. This event is open to members and volunteers, with a free pasta dinner available thanks to the generosity of the Vail Epic Promise Community Grant.

Capacity is limited, so be sure to register to confirm your spot! If you are a member and/or have volunteered over the past two years, you should have a separate email invitation.

Caldor Fire Trail Damage Updates

We’re thrilled that the LTBMU was able to reduce the closure area last month, and this was in large part thanks to the effort of our volunteers and staff who were able to repair trails that were damaged by dozers outside the fire area. This allowed the Forest Service staff to focus their energy on removing hazard trees along the roads and trails within the fire scar. Head over to our Caldor Page on TAMBA’s website for links to the closures, a list of open/closed trails, and an interactive map.

The Forest Service has been making great progress in the fire scar, and we’re identifying those areas where we can get our staff and volunteers in to do work so we can get the trails reopened as efficiently as possible. We’ve been able to get our paid crew in to start working on Lower Corral and Incense Cedar Trails, and we plan to continuing making progress as long as winter holds off.

Please note that even when the burn area is reopened, major hazards will still exist and anyone going in should exercise extreme caution. Hazard trees are only being cleared in the immediate trail/road corridors.

Great Fall Trail(work) Conditions

We hope you’ve been able to get out and enjoy the awesome dirt we’ve had over the past month. Our trail crew and volunteers have been taking advantage of the soil moisture to help pack in berms on Tyrolian and finish the final re-route on Stanford Rock Trail. Be aware as we get stronger storms that more trees will be coming down out there!

Cascade to Meeks Bay Bike Path

A trail feasibility study is underway for a paved multi-use bike path connecting from the end of the Camp Richardson bike path at Spring Creek Road up along the Highway 89 corridor to Meeks Bay. You can find out more information on this project here, and please provide your public comments by November 15th here.

Thank You to Our Recent Large Donors

While we appreciate every donation we receive, TAMBA would like to thank the following individuals in particular for their recent generous donations:

    • Tahoe Trail Bar via The Robert E. Hopper Family – $8,440
    • Scott Fair – $3,000
    • Alex Silgalis, Local Freshies – $1,000
    • Corey & Marina Rich – $1,000
    • Chris McNamara – $2,180
    • Amy Berry – $5,000
    • George Prince – $250
    • Erik Dodd – $250
    • Jennifer Fortune – $500
    • Hugh Coyle – $1,000
    • Sean O’Connell – $250
    • Otto Hub – $250
    • David Orr – $1,630
    • Lars Ensign – $250
    • Jeff Garell – $250
    • Richard Petersen – $250
    • Mars Bonfire & Kathleen Cheever Bonfire – $1,000
    • Eli Bingham – $2,000
    • Robert & Marcia Barnett – $1,500
    • Jack Tisdale – $1,000
    • The Kaplan Family – $600
    • The Taube Family – $1,500
    • Robert Shelby – $500
    • Bart Lounsbury – $250
    • Adam Eisenberg – $500
    • Bernard Creegan – $500
    • Suzanne Zwemer – $250
    • Eric Benisek – $1,500
    • Eileen Funk – $250
    • Michelle Feeney – $250
    • Liz Lundholm – $2,000
    • Matt Jones – $500
    • Mary Danahey & Barry Golombik – $5,000
    • Golombik Charitable Fund – $5,000
    • Jennifer Risconscente – $250
    • Kevin Krantz – $250
    • Rajiv Srinivsan – $1,000
    • Katherine Johnson – $2,000
    • Suki Cheyne – $250
    • Frank & Cassie Muscat – $450
    • Jeff Brennan – $300
    • Christopher Ficara – $2,800
    • Joshua Martin – $1,000
    • Ski Run Presents – $250
    • Carl Russell – $250
    • The Pipkin Family – $5,000
    • Megan Warren – $500
    • Steve & Wendy Kaplan – $1,500
    • Lawrence & Kerstin Sidney – $500
    • Steven Brooks – $250
    • Jennifer Stafford – $500
    • The Yacoe Daly Family – $500
    • Burt Lerman – $500

Thank you for your support!