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Fallen Leaf Lake is a gem at the base of Mount Tallac. To the west of the lake is Angora Ridge, site of the devastating 2007 Angora Fire. This area has many old user trails and connections to the new trails at Tahoe Mountain that can be made with your help. The hard work of environmental approvals has already been completed by the U.S. Forest Service for approximately 15 miles of new trails. These trails are ‘shovel ready’ but do not have funding for construction.

We are planning to team with the Forest Service in 2017 to build the first phase of these new trails – six miles in total on three new trails. Here are the the details:

  1. Reconstruction of the trail running from HWY 89 south parallel to Fallen Leaf Road, ends at Tahoe Mountain Road. This trail exists but is barely there for much of the length. It will be rebuild as a 24” shared-use trail, roughly 2 miles long.
  2. New construction of a 18” shared use trail running the full length of Angora Ridge. This trail will provide separation from the road for non-motorized users, and will be roughly 2.5 miles long.
  3. New construction of a 18” shared-use trail connecting Angora Ridge to the trail network near Mule Deer Court. This trail will be roughly 1.5 miles long.
    Angora Ridge Trail Project2

This project is shovel ready, with some remaining field work to be done prior to construction to finalize the alignments. This project is currently unfunded, and will require approximately $120,000 to complete. Once funding is secured, the project will be completed using Forest Service Trail Crew cutting in the trail corridor and completing technical rockwork aspects, with TAMBA volunteers completing the trail finish work. This is a similar approach being taken on the Kingsbury Stinger Trail this year. You can donate to this project through our Trail Fund by writing a check to TAMBA or through our PayPal account. All donations are tax deductible.

Fallen Leaf Lake with Mount Tallac

Fallen Leaf Lake with Mount Tallac