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2015 marks the fifth year since new leadership has revived TAMBA from  its dormancy. Now, under solid footing, the list of accomplishments is growing, with over 10,000 hours of volunteer trail work on more than 13 different trails in the Tahoe area. In their May 2015 issue, BIKE magazine wrote a feature article about TAMBA and the growing trail system at Lake Tahoe. This highlights many accomplishments since 1988 and some missed opportunities in the early 2000s when volunteer burnout occurred. READ the entire article HERE! Bike-cover Trail Work summary of last year (2014):

86 trail days

363 people

3,905 hours

This includes trail work on Corral, Sidewinder, Armstrong Connector, Toads, Tahoe Mountain System, Tyrolean, Thomas Creek, Whites Creek, Tahoe City TRT Connector, Sunflower Hill, Flume Trail, Marlette Creek, and the new Snapdragon (Tunnel Creek east) trail. These numbers are for trail work only. They do not include planning, flagging, design, or administrative time.  Impressive job, thanks to everyone who

contributed this year! infograph24x36-150520_Page_1

TAMBA has continued to put in more volunteer labor, including the construction of three new bridges in the Galena Area on the Thomas and Whites Creek Trails in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service in 2014. Also started in the fall of 2014 was the brand new Snapdragon Trail, a new trail in Spooner Lake State Park to bypass the Tunnel Creek dirt road connecting the Tahoe Rim Trail to the Red House Flume on the east side.

Events are getting bigger too. Permits with the U.S. Forest Service are being worked on for both the Third Annual Meyers Mountain Bike Fest (August 8 & 9) and the Corral Night Ride (October 17). The Fifth Annual Rose to Toads Ride will fill up fast again this year, with the date scheduled for September 6. On the ride, endurance mountain bikers test their skills against the 62 mile, all-day epic. The ride showcases some of the best trails that link Tahoe’s North Shore from Mount Rose down to Lake Tahoe’s South Shore, ending on the famous Mr. Toads Wild Ride.

Construction will start in July 2015 on the Bijou Bike Parkwith a major boost for the project coming from the South Lake Tahoe City Council voting to allocate $100,000 toward the construction! The reroute of the Kingsbury Stinger Trail will start in June 2015 with a full-time U.S. Forest Service crew building for the next two years. In addition more jumps and features are planned for Corral Trail depending on funds.

Tthe future is looking strong for mountain biking in Tahoe!

TAMBA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that relies on volunteers and public donations for everything. TAMBA serves as the voice and image for mountain biking in Lake Tahoe and is dedicated to education, promotion, and stewardship of multiple-use trails. We work closely with U.S. Forest Service and other land managers. Information on mountain biking, trail conditions, maps, events, and volunteer opportunities can be found at our website: